Clara and Gabriel’s Super Chill Wedding // Lepark wedding, Singapore

How do I even start to describe these two people..? Clara and Gabriel are quite simply as how she labels themselves – the dreamy unicorn and the analytical robot. To say that Clara is people oriented will be an understatement, she goes out of her way to make relationships her priority and that was the way they both planned the wedding as well – with people in mind. And that meant a bridal party breakfast on the front lawn, instead of the typical gatecrash.

I first met the both of them almost a year back, and over the course of a year the four of us have gotten to become good friends. Clara and Gabriel knew each other when they were teens at church, and to know the background of their relationship and what they have experienced, just made the wedding feel so much more meaningful. This celebration is so much more than I could ever put in words, so I’m just going to let the photographs do the talking..!

Venue – Lepark
Make up and hairstyling – Valerie Tang Yong
Dress – Tiara
Blooms – @sureeepornho
Styling (church) – Wu-lala



Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-22Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-9Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-102Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-61Singapore Wedding Photographer Church Wedding-65Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-76Singapore Wedding Photographer-97Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-133Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-96Singapore Wedding Photographer-66Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-106.


Now if you are keen to know what really went on.. HERE IS THE FULL VERSION



Singapore Wedding Photographer-16Singapore-wedding-photographer017Singapore Wedding Photographer-4Singapore Wedding Photographer-11Singapore-wedding-photographer016Singapore Wedding Photographer-6Singapore Wedding Photographer-9Singapore-wedding-photographer012Singapore Wedding Photographer-22Singapore-wedding-photographer001Singapore Wedding Photographer-23Singapore-wedding-photographer013Singapore Wedding Photographer-24Singapore-wedding-photographer014Singapore Wedding Photographer-45Singapore Wedding Photographer-49Singapore Wedding Photographer-52Singapore-wedding-photographer021Singapore Wedding Photographer-91Singapore-wedding-photographer018Singapore Wedding Photographer-60Singapore-wedding-photographer003Singapore Wedding Photographer-71Singapore-wedding-photographer004Singapore Wedding Photographer-66Singapore-wedding-photographer022Singapore Wedding Photographer-74Singapore Wedding Photographer-75Singapore Wedding Photographer-87Singapore Wedding Photographer-97

Singapore Wedding Photographer Church Wedding-24Singapore-wedding-photographer024Singapore Wedding Photographer Church Wedding-16Singapore-wedding-photographer037Singapore Wedding Photographer Church Wedding-81Singapore-wedding-photographer028Singapore Wedding Photographer Church Wedding-11Singapore-wedding-photographer027Singapore Wedding Photographer Church Wedding-43Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-3-3Singapore Wedding Photographer Church Wedding-65Singapore-wedding-photographer033Singapore Wedding Photographer Church Wedding-70Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-2-3




Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-4Singapore-wedding-photographer038Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-9Singapore-wedding-photographer040Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-12Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-43Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-1-6Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-44Singapore-wedding-photographer036Singapore-wedding-photographer035Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-70Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-48Singapore-wedding-photographer041Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-56Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-61Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-65Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-66Singapore-wedding-photographer042Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-77Singapore-wedding-photographer043Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-40Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-42Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-23Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-4-2Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-5-2Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-72Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-81Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-82Singapore-wedding-photographer051Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-80Singapore-wedding-photographer045Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-92Singapore-wedding-photographer046Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-105Singapore-wedding-photographer047Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-102Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-117Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-124Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-127Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-75Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-1Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-133Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-134Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-1-8Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-108Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-106Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-111Lepark Wedding Singapore Chinatown-76

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