“We knew Sam was it from the moment we saw his portfolio online..

..Sublime, blissful, and dreamy.. his talented craft work speaks for itself.

Something about his photography style jumped out at us,

and resonated with what we hoped to remember

the memories of our special day with.”


0X0A9963-2 FB.

Samuel has a talent for bringing out and capturing the emotions of couples on their wedding days.

He candidly captures the honest unscripted moments with a relaxed style and beautiful soft light.”

{Leana, The Wedding Scoop}


Sam simply has it all – the sincere personality, his warmth which made us feel at ease in front of the lens, sharing jokes, knowing when to ‘click’, raw emotions captured and displayed through his shots.

To be honest, he surprised us with the beautiful shots taken of our first dance even though the designated dance floor area was badly lit and he did have to take some time to find impromptu solutions.

No challenge is too big for this talented young man. If a picture is worth a thousand words, Samuel’s work is the perfect illustration.

{Wai Yan & Dirk}


“There are honestly no words good enough to describe just how blessed we have been through Sam.

His work just spoke volumes about his heartfelt passion, undeniable talent and skillful mastery of the art of wedding photography.

It wasn’t just the talent that Sam unquestionably has, but also the warmth and personal touch that Sam puts into his work that drew us to him.

He has the ability to turn something so raw and simple into a moment that will never be forgotten..

On our wedding day, true to his character, Sam was so patient, passionate and professional in capturing the best moments for us..

Through it all, rain and shine, sweat and tears, the smile never left Sam’s face and like a friend we’ve known for years, Sam lived, laughed and loved along with us.

He captured our story as it was and weaved it together in such an intricately beautiful and personal way.”

{Charissa & Paul}


Sam has this ability to connect well with people – including our friends, family (young and old), and this makes everyone feel comfortable and relaxed.. and made the process a very fun and memorable one too!

It felt as though he was part of our wedding entourage the whole time and sharing the same joy and laughter along with everyone else.

What we really like about him is his genuine passion, creativity, spontaneity to make every set of pictures unique to the couple. He is great fun and a super down-to-earth guy whom I’m sure every couple will enjoy working with.

{Jas & Dao Wei}


“Samuel’s impeccable work in photography captures more than just memories; it captures the soul of the moment.

Samuel humbly weaves the elements presented (be it light, destination, love, laughter and human chemistry, etc.) together harmoniously.

The final result is seen in the raw and unadulterated emotions captured in his work which has been pulled into focus by his mastery.

His photographs expresses an ability to make simplicity seductive.”

{Brenda & Samuel}


“Sam’s keen eye in capturing emotions show in the results of his masterpieces.

They are perfect representations of his take on love – unscripted, spontaneous and vulnerable.

What we have gained by the end of our session with Sam isn’t just another collection of photographs.

Sam’s photographs portray a beautiful story of our love, unbeknownst to us.

Looking at them reminded us of why we fell in love and stayed in love.

It’s a piece of work that we’d review at any point in our lives and be so glad that we’ve had the privilege of being shot by Sam.

Like love, Sam’s work is truly timeless.”

{Jazreel & Leroy}


“Sam’s calm voice engaged us in a conversation and made us feel at ease in front of the camera.

It was like catching up with an old friend and it was through these conversations that he skilfully captured heartfelt moments that are natural and genuine.

We wanted a photographer who could truly capture who we are as a couple, and not just somebody who could pose and shoot people well. Sam shoots from his heart and he captures emotions, not just images.”

{Edric & Xuezhen}


“Sam was already booked out nearly a year in advance for our wedding date!

We were happy to be able to nab him for our engagement shots in Singapore though, and couldn’t be happier.

Sam put us at ease on the day of the shoot, something we really appreciated because as other couples have mentioned, we hadn’t a clue how to pose!

His calm aura and self-assuredness took our worries away, and we ended up relaxing for a warm morning’s worth of fun and laughter.

We felt really rewarded when we received his photos – we were just so glad we made the right choice.”

 {Lira & Andreas}


As it was our first time going for a photography shoot together, we thought it was going to be nerve wrecking and awkward! But it was quite the opposite.

Sam’s warm and gentle character made us feel at ease. He took a unique approach to capture our session by asking us questions on our characters and relationship which brought out our expressions so naturally, and he captured them beautifully.

We had so much fun flying up to Perth just to have the photography shoot. It was so memorable and much more fun than we expected!

{Jon & Marie}


“Samuel has such a gentle spirit, which puts you at ease almost immediately..

He took the time to get to know us individually and as a couple, to see how we interacted with our friends and family – all to capture the essence that is “us”.

In fact, Sam became a friend, and from there was able to bring out the emotions of our love story.

When we look back at the photos we are reminded not just of our love for each other but also the wonderful experience that he have given us!”

{Jestyn & Rong}